Howdy friends! It has been a while hasn’t it? A lot has happened since the last time I posted. The blog was starting to focus mainly on polyphasic sleep which was unintentional but it was something that really interested me and got me writing. After the four “Polyphasic Adventures” posts, I didn’t feel like writing about much else and decided to take a break. Break’s over and I’m back (I hope)!

Getting back on topic – yeah, I’m really bad at that it seems – I recently got bored and decided to remake my resume in web format. I call it * wait for it * the Websume!

Upon starting that small project I decided, “Hey, why not record it?!” And thus, I made a speed code of me making * wait for it * the Websume! (Never gets old!)

The technology stack I used in building this was of course HTML for markup, JavaScript and jQuery for the little amount of scripting, and SASS as my preferred CSS preprocessor. I also used Gulp as the build system to process my SASS files into a single, minified CSS file, minify my JavaScript, run the local web server, and automatically refresh the browser upon any file change.

The code editor I was using this time around was Atom because it’s much more lightweight and using the Gulp build system defeated the purpose of me using Brackets’ awesome live preview and processing features. Also I saw the video on Atom’s webpage and it was very amusing! Definitely the selling point for me there!

I hope you guys enjoyed the little speed code I put together. I put it up on my old YouTube channel just for the lulz of finally putting up another video after two years. Great memories made when operating that channel! Don’t go looking at some of the older videos, they’re very embarrassing! :$

Anyway, that’s it for me today folks. Enjoy the rest of your day! Now I’m off to my late night hacking!

Your handsome, purple-loving, pizza-eating friend,